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– A different approach –

Behind judo lies a philosophy of constant improvement. This is a wonderful starting point that can apply to every person, organization or team. Judo Your Business has programs ranging from two hours to multi-day training courses. The training courses are personalized to the needs of the customer. This could include team development, leadership training, but also creating positive changes within organizations.
During the program, judo is used as a metaphor to map business processes. This could include important principles in judo sport.
The (Kododan) judo has been developed on the basis of two basic principles, which still apply within the judo sport:

Seiryoku-zen’yo (technical principle):
Maximum effectiveness with a targeted amount of effort.

Jita kyoei (moral principle):
General prosperity for the whole world.

Situations that arise from these principles are, for example: using the power of the competition for your own benefit, moving with the right momentum and respecting the fellow man at all times.


During Judo Your Business training, Judo does not only remain as a metaphor, but the judo class is also attracted. So that the principles are also experienced.
Several topics are discussed:

  • Leadership training
  • Change management
  • Solution-oriented working and opportunity creation
  • Team development
  • Judo training

Depending on your demand, we can create a customized program.


“That is one of the main values of the judo, the resistance. The education of the ambitions, to be able to stand up in the difficult moments and always to come back. Doesn’t matter if it is in life, business, judo, society. And also the most important attribute of the judo, that educate, is: the consequence. To follow a plan and a strategy, it doesn’t matter which are the inconveniences of the obstacles. Just to go ahead and find solutions in every moment.”

Mr. Vizer

President, International Judo Federation

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Judo as a supportive tool for entrepreneurship

In July ’16 I graduated as a sports manager at the Institute for Sports Studies at the Hanzehogeschool Groningen. In the last year I specialized in entrepreneurship and with my thesis I investigated how judo can contribute to entrepreneurship and management.
The research has yielded a fantastic result! With this I even won the Sport Innovation Prize (link).
Curious about my research? You can send an e-mail to request more information. (Abstract link and presentation of the Warsaw European Association for Sport Management) A training can also be booked directly with me. Click on the information bar below or send an e-mail to:[email protected]

“Judo can contribute to entrepreneurial behavior because it is a sport in which you strive to achieve individual improvement within decent standards and values without losing sight of other people’s well-being.”

Interviewed research, judo and entrepreneurship a challenging combination

“Judo is almost a chess game. Or compare it with four in a row. You will hardly ever win this game if you only want a chance of winning. You have to try to achieve results through different ways. Spreading risk and taking your chance at the right time. “

Interviewed research, judo and entrepreneurship a challenging combination

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It is important for companies and organizations to be able to respond quickly to changing circumstances. In my daily work I try to get people moving and break through their fixed way of working. In addition to the change management approach from organizational science & psychology, I am looking for new ways to achieve this. The concrete vision & approach of Judo Your Business helps me to move people. The basic principles of judo, such as maximum results with a focused use of resources, offer surprisingly good tools for the further development of management skills & entrepreneurship. And the clinics are an excellent training for putting change management principles into practice. By (literally) feeling the judo principles, the effect will stay longer with people than with usual workshops. In addition, Jennifer is enthusiastic & knowledgeable, which makes the collaboration very nice.

Eric Beerman

Business Architect & Information Security Officer at KLM, KLM

“As driven as she approaches the judo sport so enthusiastic she has started working with my students. With a complete judo in the back of her car a box of judo suits, Jennifer was ready. After a short introduction round, the warm up followed. With her engaging personality they felt quickly at ease and started energetically.

The combination of presentation and action flows into each other nicely and has a logical structure. In a playful way one learns the intricacies of judo. The philosophy coupled with management skills ensures a good discussion.

After a few hours of hard work, the participants learned about judo in a completely different way in combination with management. “

Rob van der Wiel

Trainer, Luba Groep

“Based on her practical experience as a top sports judoka, Jennifer knows how to use judo sports as a very accessible metaphor for certain processes in an organization, which is a combination of theory and practice that is accessible, enjoyable and challenging for everyone. to provide insight into and discuss business processes in an individual and in teams of an organization.

Ben Hattink

vml. Stafhoofd Recruitment en Opleidingen DC, ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

“I had a very nice and inspiring workshop!”

Peter Hyballa

Former trainer NEC, NEC

“Moving along in order to be able to strike at the right moment, making use of the strength of the opponent. These are just a number of tactics from judo sport that have given our method a completely different insight. Very valuable! In addition, the trainings that Jennifer provided were very good for group dynamics and the team noticed how much more powerful they were when they actually started working together and started using the energy in the right way! In addition, Jennifer is very positive and full of energy. She knows how to transfer the many knowledge and experience she has in-house in a fun way! “

Eric Boersma

Youth Academy Coördinator , SC Heerenveen